Rates & Policies


  • STANDARD  (2-3 days) ……………………. $0.40 per page
  • RUSH (less than 2 days/48 hrs) ………. $0.50 per page
  • EXPEDITE (less than 1 day/24 hrs) … $0.70 per page
  • Expert Transcript ……………………..  $0.10 per page
  • Rough Transcript ……………………. + $0.10 per page
  • LATE FEE …………………………… + 15% of total bill


  1. I read six and a half (6 1/2) days a week, being closed until 12 noon on Sunday mornings.  There are NO special weekend or holiday rates.  I am delighted to assist you!
  2. I prefer that you send your finished (not rough) transcript to me in .PDF format.  There is a free PDF writer available (http://www.CutePDF.com) if you do not already have one.  (Instructions for CutePDF can be found through this link.)  I am able to receive and convert .txt (ASCII) and Word files; however, I will receive the best-formatted transcript if the conversion happens on your side.
  3. I return only the annotated pages to you with suggestions for correction clearly marked in red directly above the error.  (A sample of my annotation style can be found here.)
  4. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT until your job is completely done to notify me of the work.  This is especially important if the job is a “Rush” or “Expedite.”  I can probably read your job, but being able to confirm this is good for both of us, and I can plan for it as necessary.  If the job is more than 100 pages, I kindly request that you send the job in “chunks” so that, as you are working on one portion, I can work on another simultaneously.   I love teamwork!


  1. I send invoices once a month at the end of each month.  If you wish to receive billing on a twice-a-month basis, please contact me to discuss.
  2. FIRST-TIME CLIENTS:  I will send your invoice to you directly after completing the first job, and payment will be due upon receipt.  If you become a regular client, billing will convert to the regular monthly policy.
  3. I accept payment through PayPal or personal check.  **I do not accept credit cards due to the high fees.
  4. While I bill per page, I do take time into consideration.  I reserve the right to bill a higher rate for Exceptionally rough work that causes me to take a longer-than-average time to complete your job versus the average, carefully edited job.

* Good communication with court reporters is essential so that all jobs, large or small, are handled efficiently and effectively.  THANK YOU!