Depending on Spell-Check

While I am not condemning the use of spell-check, of course, it is important not to depend exclusively on this admittedly handy feature as we proofread.  I would take great care for the very important reason that we do not want to take a chance on missing a word that the spell-check feature will miss.  Two of the many examples of this pitfall are the homonyms “meet,” “mete,” and “meat” and the dreaded “their,” “they’re,” and “there.”  After all, our clients are depending on us, so I feel, in our line of work, we should not depend completely on a computer feature to be alert and sharp for us, right?

Even though we are correcting misused words as we go through a transcript, it is vital to our reputations, and those of our cherished clients, to give our work a second look with our own sharp eyes and leave nothing to chance.

I wish you happy proofing, reporting, and scoping!  🙂

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