Awesome?: Let Me Count the Ways

How awesome is proofreading?  Proofreading is incredibly helpful; it is accurate; it is a timesaver; it is even educational.  In a word, it is awesome!  The art of proofreading makes everybody look good.  And yes, it is an art; aside from having an aptitude for it, it is learned and practiced knowledge.  Proofreaders L-O-V-E to help people with the written word.  We love English, and we love helping people make it flow.

Consider your reputation, which I know is precious to you:  Proofreading aids the court reporter’s reputation in ensuring a pristine transcript.  Having a fresh, second pair of eyes proofread the transcript has saved valuable time that the reporter would have had to spend on it, rather than moving on to the next job — or dare I say catch 40 winks?  In turn, it also boosts the proofreader’s reputation when a clean transcript is returned to that happy court reporter.  Court reporters, lawyers, authors, journalists — everybody benefits from accurate proofreading!

Proofreading can also be educational.  When the court reporter (or the recipient) sees a correction for something that he/she has not seen before (for example, the term “medicolegal” to replace “medical-legal” or “intrauterine” to replace “interuterine”), it can serve as a learning experience and can be logged into a notebook of reminders for future use.

Have an awesome day of reporting, scoping, and proofreading!



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